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Local Amateur Radio Nets

Weekly Announcements:

Local Repeaters:

Day of WeekTime of DayNet DescriptionFrequency
Daily Nets0700Florida Phone Traffic Net (FPTN)3.940 MHz LSB
Daily Nets21:002 Meter SSB Rag Chew Group144.20 MHz USB
Daily Nets1800Tropical FAST Net7.240 MHz (Summer)
3.940 MHZ (Winter)
Daily Nets1000Salvation Army Emergency Radio Network (SATERN)14.265 USB
Daily Nets1800Southeast Florida Traffic Net (SEFT) (Currently only Mo-Fr)146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
Daily Nets0700 - 1200The Intercontinental Amateur Traffic Net14.300 MHz USB
Monday07:45South FL ARES Net3.950 MHz LSB
Monday12:00SATERN Net14.325 MHz USB
Monday19:30Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA)
Voice Communications Net
145.290 -600 CTCSS 110.9
Monday19:30Southeast Florida NBEMS Net145.290 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
Monday19:30Knights of the Round Table Simplex Net146.550 MHz
Monday19:30Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA)
DMR "Brainwaves" Not-A-Net
442.875 MHz
+5 CC 1/TS 2/TG 311037
Tuesday20:00Rag Chew Net146.910
-600 CTCSS 110.9 (no carrier delay)
Wednesday12:00SATERN Net14.325 MHz USB
Wednesday19:00Palm Beach County ARES Net147.045
+600 CTCSS 110.9
Thursday19:00SATERN Net14.325 MHz USB
Thursday19:30Broward County Emergency Preparedness Net146.61 -600 CTCSS 110.9
Friday12:00SATERN Net14.325 MHz USB
Saturday19:00Info & Traders Net146.670 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
Sunday19:00DMR Tech Net442.875 MHz
CC 1/TS 2/TG 311037
Sunday19:30MMSSTV Net147.285 +6 CTCSS 103.5 (MMSSTV Software)



May 25th

POTA: Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Everyone Welcome!

Bring Your Station And Make Contacts
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