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Amateur Radio License Map

Use this map to find amateur radio license holders in the USA

International Space Station NASA - Status, TV Guide & Communications (Frequencies)

ISS - International Space Station

NASA / ISS - Status, TV Guide & Communications (Frequencies)

Ham Radio
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Community & Emergency Communications

When all else fails we're still talking!

Having your Ham Radio License will enable you to help your community in many ways when a crisis or disaster strikes and communication services go down:

By being trained and ready when a crisis or disaster strikes  you will have the knowledge to assist your community with emergency communications by having the knowledge to communicate necessary urgent information to those who can disseminate and respond to your crisis and possibly help you save a life.

Join one of your local community emergency services TODAY!:

  • ARES/RACES – Contact Jeff (K4BH): or Carol (KJ4AWB):
  • CERT – Community Emergency Response Team – Register Today at
  • Ask us how to become a Ham Radio Operator on one of South Florida’s local Nets helping deliver urgent weather information, messaging net traffic…
Parrot Amateur Radio Club

Parrot Amateur Radio Club

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