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Parkland Equestrian Center – Antenna Testing Event

February brought us a day of perfection at the Parkland Equestrian Center, where our antenna testing and radio tuning event unfolded under clear skies and a balmy 73-degree weather. With our sights set on the upcoming March Parks On The AIR (POTA) event, our team gathered for a day of preparation and camaraderie.

Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly by a park ranger, setting a welcoming tone for the day ahead. As we set up our equipment and stations, the anticipation of what lay ahead began to build.

Our efforts began with the meticulous testing of antennas, ensuring optimal performance for the challenges that awaited us in March. From repairing wires to fine-tuning power pole connections, every task was approached with precision and teamwork, resulting in resounding success.

A minor hiccup emerged when one of our field day microphones showed signs of malfunction. However, our team’s expertise swiftly resolved the issue with the installation of a new RJ45 connector, a task executed flawlessly on the first attempt. This seamless repair served as a testament to our preparedness and technical proficiency.

As the midday sun reached its peak, we paused to refuel with a simple yet satisfying lunch of sandwiches, chips, and refreshing beverages. Energized and replenished, we returned to our stations, eager to resume our preparations for the upcoming POTA event.

With each successful connection made, our confidence grew. The collective effort and dedication of our team ensured that we left the Parkland Equestrian Center ready and eager for the challenges that awaited us in March. As we reflect on the day’s achievements, we are filled with anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead in our pursuit of amateur radio excellence.

March POTA, here we come!

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