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Betti Stradling Memorial Park: Picnic

Betti Stradling Memorial Park Event – Sunday October 29, 2023


On this sunny afternoon, the Parrot Amateur Radio Club gathered for an event, marking a significant milestone for our club. The Betti Stradling Memorial park event was not just an opportunity for us to celebrate. The day was perfect, with clear skies, a gentle breeze, and temperatures in the mid-80s. Here’s a recap of our first club event and the wonderful moments we shared.

A Day Blessed by Nature:

The weather could not have been more cooperative. With the sun shining brightly and the temperature in the comfortable mid-80s, we were blessed with perfect conditions for our gathering. The moderate humidity and the gentle breeze in the air made it an ideal day for outdoor activities.

Delicious BBQ and Refreshments:

One of the highlights of the day was the mouthwatering BBQ feast we savored. Our club members truly outdid themselves with a variety of delectable treats, including hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken sandwiches, all grilled to perfection. Complementing these savory delights were sides like potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, and a generous assortment of chips. Our taste buds were further indulged with a selection of desserts that left everyone with a sweet smile. To quench our thirst, we had a range of refreshing beverages, ensuring no one went hungry or thirsty throughout the event.

Amateur Radio in Action:

Two radio stations were set up for our members to make contacts and engage in our beloved hobby. The atmosphere buzzed with the exchange of callsigns, signal reports, and discussions about equipment, antennas, and recent on-air experiences. It was a great opportunity for both seasoned operators and newcomers to connect, share knowledge, and build friendships within our club.

Cornhole Fun:

In addition to the radio activities, we also set up a homemade cornhole game, which turned out to be a fantastic addition to our event. Laughter, cheers, and friendly competition filled the air as members tried their luck with bean bags, showcasing their aim and camaraderie.

A Great Turnout:

The success of any event lies in the attendance, and we were delighted to see a fantastic turnout for our Betti Stradling Memorial Event. Seven dedicated members of our Parrot Amateur Radio Club graced us with their presence, and we were thrilled to have a special guest, Melanie (KJ4VCT), who joined in the celebration. Our attendees included Gerald (W4LST), Jeff (K4BH), David (KB4ICU), Allan (N4ALK), Carol (KJ4AWB), and Aurora (WD4AG). Their presence made the day even more special, and their contributions to our club are greatly appreciated.


The Betti Stradling Memorial park event was a day of camaraderie, and shared passion for amateur radio. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, delicious food, and a great turnout of club members. As we look forward to future events, we carry the warmth and memories of this day with us, strengthening our bonds and fostering a sense of community that amateur radio enthusiasts truly cherish.

Stay tuned for our next club event in November 2023 with more mouthwatering BBQ to savor and wet your appetite, as we continue to connect, communicate, and celebrate our shared love for amateur radio.

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